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3D printer CategoryProjekti ?n2o_skillz 2014-11-17
Adjustable length yagi/dipole DIY variable length yagi / dibole antenna, made of cheap materials CategoryProjekti wilho 2016-03-07
AtomicZombie Warrior ?AtomicZombie Warrior Tadpole recumbent trike. CategoryProjekti ?voneiden 2016-04-01
Avaruuspallo CategoryProjekti 2011-10-13
AWDL Hacking Apple AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link) which is used for AirDrop, AirPlay etc. AWDL combines usage of Wifi and Bluetooth LE to create "ad-hoc" kind of WiFi network to communicate with other Apple devices. It is enabled by default and really hard to disable. CategoryProjekti turmio 2019-01-12
BlindRodPart Spare part for window blinds that cannot be bought anywhere CategoryProjekti otter 2017-03-09
Chinese servo drive DCS810 CategoryProjekti ?chadez 2014-02-28
CNCRouter Building a relatively low cost DIY CNC with a stiff frame CategoryProjekti ?voneiden 2015-12-04
FanCont CategoryProjekti kaspe 2011-09-20
GroundStation Ground station planning CategoryProjekti turmio 2012-08-15
Hacking CiscoEPC3825 Hacking Ciscos cable modem used by DNA (EPC3825) CategoryProjekti turmio 2015-12-28
Hacking Inetno DG201A Hacking Intenos VDSL -box CategoryProjekti turmio, ms 2013-11-07
Hacking NEO Wi-Fi Power Switch Bought NEO Wi-Fi Pwoer switch which can be controlled over the Internet via some cloud service. I will try to reverse engineer how it works. Raw notes will be here. CategoryProjekti turmio 2016-02-01
Hacking TP-Link N750 Reverse engineering CategoryProjekti turmio 2014-03-20
Hacking YamahaRX-V475 Amp Yamaha RX-v475 reverse engineering CategoryProjekti turmio 2013-12-03
Hacking ZTE MF823 USB-4G Modem ZTE MF823 USB 3G/4G USB-modem. It seems to be running on Linux. These are CategoryProjekti turmio 2015-08-25
HackingBusDisplays Reverse engineering old ?BudDisplay from the year 2000 and building something new with it CategoryProjekti otter, turmio 2014-07-10
HackingHueBridge I will try to get shell from the PHILIPS hue bridge v 2.0. You can find my raw notes from here CategoryProjekti turmio 2015-12-29
HackingOldTomTomXL Notes about reversing old ?TomTom XL CategoryProjekti turmio 2015-07-11
HackingOnkyo TR-NX509 Getting shell from Onkyos AVR with network capabilities CategoryProjekti turmio 2011-09-06
HackingPrepaidData One operator in Finland had vulnerability in prepaid payment system which allowed attacker to manipulate the price of prepaid data-package. (Report is in Finnish) CategoryProjekti turmio 2015-10-19
HackingSamsungSmartTV Reversing Samsung Smart TV CategoryProjekti turmio 2014-12-29
HackingWithAriettaG25 Playing around with Arietta G25 CategoryProjekti turmio 2014-11-25 Zoom plugin lisens on localhost which means it can be triggered open via specific URL to localhost. Same goes to URI format zoommtg:// . Since there was not much information I'll do some reversing and put notes here. Maybe it helps other hackers. If you find some interesting approaches and release something about it, please let me know. CategoryProjekti turmio 2019-04-25
ham satellite tracking with sony ptz camera CategoryProjekti wilho 2015-02-04
HomeAutomation Home automation planning CategoryProjekti turmio 2012-08-28
HomemadeIdependentWeatherstation Weatherstation project CategoryProjekti turmio 2015-06-02
kaspe/EmbeddedLinux CategoryProjekti kaspe 2011-09-17
kaspe/Quatrocopter CategoryProjekti kaspe 2011-09-11
Näyttöseinä 3x2 näyttöseinä vanhoista Dell 1907FP näytöistä CategoryProjekti ecode, ?oherrala 2017-11-30
OHM2013 Trip to OHM CategoryProjekti otter 2013
PiRotator Current commercial az/el antenna rotators are really expensive(easily over 1500€ with controllers), and moreover technically most are from 90s (analog potentiometer sensors/control, no network, rs/lpt controllable, no web, no rest api, etc).I tried to take little bit different approach.. CategoryProjekti wilho 2015-10-02
QuadCopter CategoryProjekti otter 2015-06-17
RadioHackingWithoutSkills Really no skills CategoryProjekti turmio
Raspberry1Wire CategoryProjekti 2012-10-03
RaspberryPiTempSensor Simple 18B20 temperature sensort test with raspberry pi CategoryProjekti kummah, otter, turmio 2013-07-25
ReverseEngineeringEyeTV Notes about reversing EyeTV CategoryProjekti turmio 2011-09-26
RuuviTagienKimppatilaus RuuviTag kimppatilaus tarlabin jäsenille CategoryProjekti turmio 2018-02-22
SolarWithEnergyStorage Hacker minded Solar power setup CategoryProjekti wilho 2017-09-14
TelegramEMEBot Telegram bot which bridges messages from and to jt65emeA chat and shows spots from LiveCQ CategoryProjekti wilho OH8ETB 2016-10-21
thauta/carmedia CategoryProjekti thauta 2013-03-07
thauta/vehicleToAndroid CategoryProjekti thauta 2013-04-04
Toyota Touch & Go Hacking Head Unit of Toyota Avensis (Toyota model in Europe) CategoryProjekti turmio, wilho, ms 2012-03-05 12:33:07
Verkkokurssi CategoryProjekti otter 2014-03-25
VerkkoOpiskelu CategoryProjekti otter 2013-01-20
VäyläPiraatti CategoryProjekti ?oherrala 2011-09-02
WhatsInsideOfCheapWlanBox CategoryProjekti turmio
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