It is no news that ?TomToms run with Linux. Since opentom.org is not online anymore I did not find exact details how to run my own code inside the device, so this is how I did it.

These are my notes.

First step

When you connect ?TomTom to your computer you will see new removable device (like a USB-stick).

Important files:


 ubuntu:~/tmp/_ttsystem-0.extracted/_1215C8-0.extracted/bin$ ls
[           chgrp    dirname       gltt          login          mknod    rdstmcserver  stty     ttsserver
a2dpd       chmod    dmesg         gprscomd      lrb            mktemp   renice        sync     tty
aascan      chown    dos2unix      grep          lrx            more     reset         tail     umount
apnd        clear    du            hcitool       lrz            mount    rm            test     uname
ash         clmapp   echo          head          ls             mv       rmdir         time     uniq
ASRserver   cmp      env           hexdump       lsb            nc       sdptool       top      unix2dos
awk         cp       expr          id            lsx            picocom  sed           touch    uptime
blueserver  csrinit  false         kill          lsz            pidof    sh            tr       wc
btserver    cut      flash_erase   killall       md5sum         ping     sirfreset     true     wget
busybox     date     free          launchserver  migrate_flash  printf   sleep         ttcalib  which
cat         dd       glgps         ln            milisleep      ps       sort          ttn
cbee_gen    df       gllogarchive  logger        mkdir          pwd      strings       ttpnpd


How to Inject your own code